Our Mission

Micronesia Grand Tour

Micronesia Grand Tour has a long-term commitment to operate business in a manner that is beneficial to the Sustainable Development of wonderful Kosrae.

Our environmental, economic and social policies include a pledge to help recycle waste materials, conserve energy, protect  the mangrove forest and monitor the health of the ocean. We encourage the consumption of local foods and local produce and promote new eco-friendly investments.
As we live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific, we wish to protect our environment from mangrove destruction and global warming.

The importance of Mangrove Trees

image Micronesia has one of the most beautiful and well conserved coral reefs in the world thanks to the mangrove trees.  These trees filter runoff water and trap sediment which prevents the sediment and excess nutrients in the water hurting or killing the coral reefs.  Furthermore, mangroves provide a vital habitat for juvenile fish, acting as a nursery where young can survive and grow. Mangroves also protect the shore from erosion, weather and even tsunami damage. Areas surrounded by intact mangroves suffered less inshore damage during the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean. (PADI “The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving” PADI, RSM, CA 2006, pp 1-64, 2-49

What is global warming?

The earth is surrounded by a blanket of gases which keep the surface warm and makes life possible. This blanket is currently getting thicker largely due to greenhouse gas release caused by burning fossil fuels and deforestation. As the blanket gets thicker more heat is retained underneath, which alters the climate. Because the ocean comprises nearly 70 percent of the earth’s surface, it not only influences the global climate, but also harbors some of the most diverse and important ecosystems. Researchers currently indicate  that climate change will increasingly challenge coastal and marine ecosystems in the next century.

Unfortunately in Kosrae most of the energy we are using comes from imported diesel, with a negative impact on our environment, economy and public health.

If you’re visiting wonderful Kosrae, what you can do on an individual level to help in promoting sustainable development?

  • Switch off your lights, air condition and electric appliances when not needed.
  • Reuse your towels. Let the staff of your Resort know when you need to change your towels.
  • Ask your Resort for cans or bottles recycling bins, and energy saving bulbs.
  • Eat local foods, buy local products and participate in any cultural manifestations of the Island.
  • Discover the mangrove channels and let other people know how important are these trees for our ecosystem.

Small steps can do a lot!
Thank you for helping us take care of our beautiful Island!